Frank's specialises in translating, adapting and writing texts about the visual arts.

Have you been searching for translators and writers who understand art and the people surrounding it? Frank's inside knowledge of the art world and experience with the international press allow for precise and effective translations of your messages. Frank's respects art specific terminology and understands the cultural context of your audience.

Are you promoting an artist, a project or an exhibition? Polyglot and multicultural, we trans-create your presentations to make them meet your readers' interest. In adapting syntax, composition and cultural references, Frank's ensures that your text's energy and mood are successfully transferred to any translated version of the document.

Would you like someone to write your press releases directly in French, German or Italian? Frank's could be the pen partner you are looking for. In composing concise and compelling messages, we provide a telling context for your notes, images and concepts, making sure that they illuminate your projects and the artworks they are centred around.

Frank's is coordinated by Diana Rabanser, who combines academic and inside knowledge of the international art scene with multilingual writing skills. Her extensive experience with the international press and her connection with a team of experts add to a pool of competences which are at your disposal for effective communication and the promotion of art to a worldwide public.